Charter issued by Kampen concerning a ship's share, 1423

This charter concerns Herman Cruse, burgher of Kampen, who bought from Claus Johansson, burgher of Tallinn (Reval) since 1418, a share of one-fourth of a ship for 25 pounds in Flemish money (c. 5 kilograms of silver). The new owner soon sold his share to Johan Beswort and Reynolt den Wale. Claus Johansson's ship sailed back and forth between Estonia (Alt-Livland) and the Netherlands. The documents concerning the settlement of his business matters after his death around 1423 are the only records preserved from the early fifteenth century that deal with ship ownership relations and goods exchanged between Estonia and the low countries.

"Tallinn Town Council" (reference code: 230), inventory 1-I, no. 567, Tallinn City Archives.