Map of Finland and neighbouring regions, 1747

This general map of southern Sweden, Finland and Norrland was produced by the Swedish land surveying office around 1704, printed in Stockholm in 1747 and later coloured by hand.
Because of the activities of the Swedish land surveying office, established by Andreas Bureus, the mapping of the Swedish Kingdom advanced considerably. The parishes and provinces were measured by using a new instrument called mensula Praetoriana and a new technique called triangulation, invented in Germany and the Netherlands. On basis of accumulated information the whole kingdom was put on the map. For military reasons these general maps were not published but kept strictly under lock and key. Around 1704, a general map, as accurate as possible, was drawn in three identical copies, one for the king, another for the royal library and the third one for the land surveying office. Very soon, the latter copy was stolen, however, and a few years later a map, closely resembling the secret map of the land surveying office, was published in Paris with a dedication to the King of Sweden.

"National Collection", no. I 2/27, National Library of Finland (Helsinki).