Map of Finland and neighbouring regions, 1539

This Carta Marina was first published by Olaus Magnus at Venice in 1539. Magnus was a catholic Swedish prelate who, after the reformation, escaped first to Danzig and then to Italy. There, he authored a voluminous history of the northern peoples and a set of maps depicting Scandinavia and Finland. The maps were based on the best information available at that time in Sweden, and they reflected the reality much more accurately than Ziegler's earlier presentation. The author himself had travelled around the country selling indulgencies. The fantastic sea monsters were probably derived from the wild stories of sailors. The Carta Marina was orginally cut in wood and later engraved in copper plate to be reprinted over and over again. The exemplar visible here is a late copy coloured by hand.

"Fredrikson Map Collection", Department of History and Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä.