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This page aims at introducing scholars working on the history of the Baltic Sea to each other. At present, 6 people from 4 countries have registered their research.

Reformed churches around the Baltic
For many reasons Dutch people settled in the Baltic region since the 16th century: prosecution, trade, craftmanship, etc. This research tries to uncover the history of the (mainly protestant) Dutch and German churches in the Baltic region.
Name: Prof. dr. P.N. Holtrop
E-mail: pieterholtrop@hotmail.com
Organisation: THUK, Södertörn Högskola Stockholm, Sweden
Country: Sweden, the Netherlands
Foreign masters in St. Petersburg in the first half of the 18th century
Inventarisation of archival materials about foreign masters and qualified specialists, merchants, shippers, etc., and their families in the first part of the 18th century.
Web address: Click here
Name: Makarov Boris Sergeevich
E-mail: lena@rapc1.spb.org
Organisation: Dutch-Russian Archive Centre, Groningen, the Netherlands
Country: Russia
Medieval maritime law and its practice in northern Europe
My research concentrates on comparing the written sea laws of Northern Europe, as well as the practice of maritime law at the town courts in this region. Similar research on the law of wreck is planned for the near future.
Name: Edda Frankot
E-mail: e.b.i.frankot@rug.nl
Organisation: University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Country: The Netherlands
A linguistic description of an early seventeenth-century Russian conversation manual (Tönnies Fenne, 1607)
A linguistic description and evaluation of a Russian-Low German language primer, compiled by a 'sprakelerer' from Lübeck. The manuscript represents a tradition of language learning in the days of the Hanseatic League in the Baltic Sea area.
Web address: Click here
Name: Pepijn Hendriks
E-mail: pepijn.hendriks@let.leidenuniv.nl
Organisation: Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, the Netherlands
Country: The Netherlands
When Nyen became St. Petersburg
Ph.D. research on the development of Dutch trade in the eastern Gulf of Finland, 1703-1780. The main goal of my research is to analyse how Dutch trade was influenced by the foundation and rapid development of St. Petersburg in 1703.
Name: Werner Scheltjens
E-mail: w.f.y.scheltjens@rug.nl
Organisation: University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Country: Belgium