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Description and view of Riga, c. 1623
Description and view of Stockholm, c. 1623
Description and view of the Swedish fleet near Pillau (Baltijsk), c. 1623
Map details regarding the Batic Sea trade, 17th-18th centuries
Sketch of a tombstone at Gdansk, c. 1659
Various coats of arms, 1627
View of a ship at Ventspils (Latvia), mid-17th century
View of a shipyard on the Daugava River at Riga, c. 1786
View of a Swedish gunboat in Polish waters, 1628
View of Kronborg Castle at Helsingør, 1627
View of Pillau (Baltijsk), 1627
View of ships near the Salaca River, 1780
View of the proposed Narva stock exchange, 1693
View of the Swedish blockade of Gdansk Bay, 1627